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There’s never been a bigger no brainer for builders

neostrux changes detailing and estimation for builders forever.
Come join the new, efficient party.

Build Times


Transformative Cost Savings

Allows Easy Customisation

Gamechanging possibilities.

neostrux is innovative new technology that transforms the time and costs associated with estimating and detailing in the construction of a home.

Piece by piece, we’re using technology to challenge time intensive and expensive processes involved in construction. neostrux harnesses the power of parametric design, machine learning and decades of construction experience to offer builders a game changing new solution.

The revolution is here.

  • Radically reduce build times
  • Achieve unparalleled accuracy in estimation and detailing
  • Access quality construction materials from a network of connected partners
  • Easily manage design changes and customisations
  • Bank transformative savings in operational costs

Reframing the frame…

Using parametric design coupled with machine learning we’ve created a platform allowing builders to upload a design file for an immediate frame design and quote, creating game changing savings in time and cost.

We’re currently partnering with innovative building companies on trialling our technology via an exclusive Partner Innovation Program. To join this free, no obligation program share your details in the form below.

To efficiency and beyond…

We’re on a mission to digitalise estimating and detailing across the entire build process. Process by process we’re eliminating inefficiency and waste. We’re leveraging industry experts across a spectrum of specialist categories to interrogate estimating processes.

Identifying inefficiencies and wastage gets us excited, from here we build customer technology to automate and eradicate. Connect with us, fasten your seatbelt and join the new construction revolution.

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